Company Profile

Our company is located in Shanghai, with Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province nearby. More than 20% of elevators and escalators of global are produced in the area every year. 

Our engineers have rich technical accumulation and installation experience, so they can design and manufacture many type elevators with special requirements, such as small hoistway, small OH, small pit depth, or other special conditions . 

Our electrical engineers are very proficient in elevator control software,They can help workers or technicians who are not familiar with our elevators to complete the elevator Installation,test and commissioning by WhatsApp、Wechat、Zoom or other APP.

Our sales have skilled foreign trade operation experience, such as Packing list,PI and Attachment file has not gone wrong for many years. 

Our workers are conscientious and responsible for loading. They can use the fewest containers to fill all the elevator boxes, and fix each box cannot move at all. They treat elevator boxes of different sizes, like playing a Tetris game, If you have seen it, you must praise: perfect.

Good products + good service, we will give you, which is an important condition for our long-term cooperation.


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